Founded in 1850, Weidmüller has established itself as a global authority in electrical connection, transmission, and conversion technologies. With a rich history spanning over a century, Weidmüller has continually evolved, embracing innovation and technological advancements to meet the industry's ever-changing needs.

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Weidmüller boasts an impressive global footprint, with operations extending across various continents, underscoring its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service worldwide. The company's dedication to excellence is reflected in its robust financial performance and diverse workforce that brings together over 4,500 skilled professionals dedicated to advancing Weidmüller's mission.

At the core of Weidmüller's success is its extensive product portfolio, meticulously designed to cater to various industries. This includes:

  1. Connectivity Solutions: Weidmüller's expertise shines in providing innovative connection systems, ranging from terminal blocks to connectors and cable glands, ensuring reliable and efficient electrical connections in various applications.
  2. Automation and Digitalization: Embracing the digital era, Weidmüller offers cutting-edge automation components and systems, including remote I/Os, industrial Ethernet components, and automation software, facilitating seamless integration and operation in complex industrial environments.
  3. Power Management: The company's power supply and surge protection solutions are integral in safeguarding electrical systems, offering both reliability and efficiency in power distribution and management.
  4. Signal Conversion and Interface Electronics: Specializing in signal conditioning and conversion, Weidmüller's products ensure accurate data transmission and processing, vital in maintaining optimal operation in automated systems.

Weidmüller's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service has cemented its status as a leader in industrial connectivity and automation. Whether offering tailored solutions or providing expert advice, Weidmüller continues to set the standard in connecting power, signals, and data across numerous industries. Connect with Weidmüller today to explore how they can enhance your industrial processes with their comprehensive range of products and solutions.


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