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Various types of plug and socket are used in industrial automation to form connections between electrically driven equipment and the AC power source. Connectors may differ in size, shape and type, as well as in their current rating and voltage. While there are around 20 common types of plug and socket connector in the world, there is not yet one standard system that is used globally.

Technical standards are, however, becoming increasingly coordinated, which provides a better basis for the global trade in electrical and automated appliances. Universal sockets are also now made for multiple plug options, providing a safer connection than an adaptor between incompatible types of plug and socket. Electrical connectors make portable appliances both safer and more convenient, helping to protect people from electrical injuries and allowing them to use such appliances in a wider sphere.

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Industrial applications generally require an AC electrical supply at higher current and voltage than for domestic usage. Multiphase plugs and sockets are often used in polyphase systems, especially in hazardous environments where specialist protection is required. Industrial plugs and sockets may have interlocked switches to ensure a continuous connection, and/or waterproofing sleeves or weatherproof covers. Many ATEX systems have a rating under the Ingress Protection (IP) Code, as set down in IEC standard 60529. This standard governs the degree of protection that must be provided by electrical enclosures and mechanical casings against water, dust, accidental contact and other forms of intrusion.

At Rowse Automation we are pleased to offer a vast range of connectors, plugs and sockets, as well as hoods, housings and mobile connectors such as the ILME low voltage series. This includes the PLUSO range of ATEX mobile plugs and flush-mounting sockets, conforming to IP44 or IP67 standards. Hoods and housings include the ILME heavy-duty metal series for extreme applications, with two and four-peg hoods to IP66 standard, with side or top cable entry. These can withstand aggressive environments and a wide range of temperatures. We also offer ILME crimp contacts and spring terminal connection inserts.


Harting connectors are famous the world over, and we've been stocking them for many years. Their industrial connectors come in over 50 different configurations, which have been designed for quick and simple operation. They're available in many different sizes and with various types of fitting, including push-button, interlock or screw connections, male or female contacts and protected contacts. Harting's modular design offers lots of optional add-ons, so that you can factor in future modifications. The Han-Modular range of Harting connectors includes male and female crimp or screw inserts, bulkhead or surface-mounted housings and top or side entry hoods.


Gewiss is a company known for its cutting-edge protective technology, offering the latest in modular devices, with integrated moulded plastic watertight casings. We stock many Gewiss products, including plugs, standard and angled sockets, interlocked and multiple sockets, 90º angled surface-mounted sockets, adaptors, covers and caps. Gewiss connections are available in IP44 and IP67 versions and in a range of low voltage options.



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