Excessive current incidents can occur in electrical systems as a result of short circuiting or overload, and can cause fires in equipment and buildings, serious accidents and consequent financial losses. It has therefore been mandatory, ever since electricity was introduced in power engineering applications, to install a system of protection for both human and machine.

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Fuses are a simple safety device providing overcurrent protection to an electrical circuit. The critical component is a metal strip or wire that gets melted by excessive current flowing through it, interrupting supply. The proliferation of devices and systems now operating on electricity mean there are now thousands of different types of fuse, for every type of application.

At Rowse Automation we can supply a complete range of Switchgear and Circuit Protection Fuses, to safeguard against short circuits and overloads in all types of electrical cables, devices and networks. These include a range of different Diazed Bottle Fuse Systems, operating at rated voltages between 500V and 750V and with a choice of response times, together with a collection of useful accessories such as bases, caps and sleeves.

Also available is a huge range of standardised cylindrical fuse links for use in all kinds of industrial applications, Low Voltage HRC Fuse Systems for use in fuse switch disconnectors, and Semiconductor Fuses for short circuit protection in power semiconductors. These fuses function extremely rapidly in comparison with conventional HRC Fuses, and are valuable in protecting high-tech devices and advanced system components, such as softstarts for motors.

As well as fuse systems we also provide a range of MCB’s which are not a sacrificial protection device and can be reset when tripped. An MCB or Miniature Circuit Breaker is also more sensitive than a fuse and can also act much quicker when a fault is detected.

Our range of switch disconnectors and fused switches are used in maintenance and service requirements for completely removing power from a circuit. A switch disconnector or isolator switch are found in industrial applications and also electrical distribution applications where there is a requirement to remove power. The switch disconnector is usually used for safe isolation and not required for normal operation of the machine. We supply a range of panel mount and enclosed switches along with fused switch disconnectors offering both isolation and circuit protection combined.


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