Power Transformers are the standard static devices used for converting AC electricity across different voltages, normally without a significant power loss or change in frequency. They play a vital role in all kinds of power transmission operations, and are available in two versions, the Step Up variety which convert low voltage to higher voltage power, and the Step Down variety which do the opposite.

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      The latest generation of Power Transformers are designed to offer the maximum flexibility for currents ≤ 24A, with spring-loaded terminal connections, optional easy snap-on mountings for single-phase transformers ranging from 25 to 500 VA, and finger-safe connection terminals requiring no end-sleeves. These units offer the highest possible protection against short circuits and current overloads in fuseless assemblies using standard circuit breakers, and can operate in high ambient temperatures at full nominal power.

      Many modern Power Transformers are designed for universal acceptance, and can operate consistently in power ranges from 0.025 to 400 kVA, with high short-time ratings for the actuation of contactors. Power Transformer units are certified to a high standard for management and environmental management systems, and are recognised by world leaders in original equipment manufacture.

      At Rowse Automation we supply a wide range of single phase Power Transformers for safety and control operations. We are also able to supply special versions for noise and vibration-proof operation (in enclosures), high-reactance and medium-frequency transformers, and transformers for special installations such as rail and sea transport, medical engineering, and large-batch equipment such as data and communication systems.


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