nVent Hoffman

In September 2019 the Spanish enclosures company Eldon joined with leading high-performance electrical company nVent, to become nVent Hoffman. The new nVent Hoffman organisation offers a higher level of global customer coverage, enabling identical products to be locally sourced and manufactured. Both companies have a century of product innovation behind them, together with a reputation for friendly and reliable customer care.

Eldon brings to the table its strong European reputation, meeting nVent's extensive resources and global customer base. nVent Hoffman can now supply a complete range of NEMA and IEC-rated products around the world. Wherever you are, you'll always find flexible, skilled nVent Hoffman staff somewhere nearby.

nVent Hoffman
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nVent Hoffman Products

Rowse Automation stocks a wide selection of nVent Hoffman products. Their principal speciality is enclosures for industrial applications, including machine building, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, and quarries & aggregates. The new nVent Hoffman company is also active in Thermal management, Cable Management, and Power Distribution.

nVent Hoffman Enclosures

nVent Hoffman manufacture both wall-mounted and floor-standing enclosures, with ranges for specific applications such as hazardous environments or hygiene-sensitive areas. They're available in various durable materials, including aluminium, mild and stainless steel, hygiene-grade steel and polyester. An EMC option is also offered in galvanised steel, providing secure protection against electromagnetic interference.

nVent Hoffman make enclosures with single or double doors, with a lid or without, or with silicon seals and sloping lids for hygiene purposes. Modular floor standing enclosures offer the option for expansion to several conjoined units, or you can choose compact enclosures with fixed sides. All nVent Hoffman wall enclosures offer different mounting options, including brackets and rear wall fixings.

One specialised enclosure is the wall-mounted stainless steel cabinet that has ATEX and IECEx certification. This comes in 16 different sizes and is ideal for protecting electrical components in potentially hazardous processing situations, such as water treatment, grain, pharmaceuticals, petroleum and chemicals.

Hot-moulded polyester enclosures are reinforced with fibreglass to provide higher resistance to chemicals, corrosion and weathering. They're commonly used in outdoor applications and have a transparent viewing plate and double insulation. Also available for hazardous environments are IP66-rated steel combinable enclosures.

nVent Hoffman enclosures also include a wide range of terminal boxes in aluminium, steel, polycarbonate, ABS or polyester. In addition, they produce specially designed HMI enclosures, where you can mount computer consoles, touchscreens, and control panels.

nVent Hoffman Thermal Management

Rowse Automation can supply various heating and cooling control options from nVent Hoffman. These include fan ventilators, cooling units, heat exchangers, and units for heating and condensation control. Specialised units are also available for hazardous environments.

nVent Hoffman Cable Management

nVent Hoffman cable management solutions include units for cable protection, cable glands and cable anchorage glands. Several configurations of cable entry gland plates are also available, plus metallic or non-metallic hole seals.

nVent Hoffman Power Distribution

We can supply nVent Hoffman wall cabinets or floor-standing enclosures designed for the protection of power distribution panels. The floor-standing enclosures are combinable and can be configured with accessories into sub-sections.

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