Wherever they are used, it is of paramount importance to install proper cabling to ensure a smooth supply of electricity in accordance with prescribed safety regulations. From fusebox to fixtures, every wire and cable needs to be carefully installed and maintained, and in complex automation control systems this is even more vital. At Rowse Automation we can supply a complete range of Electrical Cables from power and control cables including Tri-Rated, YY, CY and SY, data communication cables including a range of Fieldbus Cables for AS-i, Ethernet, Profibus and other network protocols.

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      Tri-Rated Cable (also known as switchgear cable or control panel wire) is a type of fire retardant cable used in switch control, relays, electrical cabinets, switchgear instrumentation panels, motor starters and controllers. Its name derives from the three separate official bodies who set the standards for such products, so that any triple-rated cable must meet all their specifications. It has applications in a wide variety of industries, and can also be used for small electrical devices and some internal connectors. We also stock a wide range of Power and Control cabling that is ideally suited to many applications from machine tools, system wiring, measuring, control and heating and air conditioning technologies.

      The name 'Fieldbus' refers to a group of protocols governing industrial computer networks that are used for distributed control processes in real time. All today's complex automation control systems need such a network, which usually comprises the Human Machine Interface, linked to a Programmable Logic Controller via an ethernet system and the Fieldbus itself, which links the PLC to the functional components such as motors, switchgear, sensors and contactors. Standard data cables are not adequate for such a complex task, whereas the Fieldbus Cable is capable of the high-speed data transmission rates that are required.



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