Industria Lombarda Materiale Elettrico (ILME) was founded in Milan in 1945, as an electrical equipment company with Milanese origins going back to 1938. ILME manufactures high-quality electrical products for primarily heavy-duty industrial connections and other installations where performance and reliability are critical. These include wind, rail and marine equipment, robots, automation systems, energy production plants and more. ILME has always looked towards product innovation and original solutions, while maintaining the best price-to-quality ratio.

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ILME SpA still has its headquarters in Milan, but over the past 80+ years it has expanded its sphere of operations into world markets. ILME's many international partnerships have led to operations being set up in countries where industrial automation is key. These include China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, France, and the UK. ILME UK Ltd was incorporated in 1999 as a wholly-owned subsidiary, with its HQ in Liverpool.

ILME Parts & Components

Rowse Automation stocks a large range of ILME electrical connections products, including data and fibre optic solutions, socket outlets, plugs, industrial multipole connectors, PCB inserts, modular and compact connectors, and distribution systems. We can supply ILME products for applications such as naval, rail, transport, airports, energy, chemicals, plastics and agronomy.

Industrial Connectors

ILME produces a wide range of multipole industrial connectors, which can be configured with male and female adapters and/or separate hoods and housings. You can also pick ILME accessories for your connectors such as crimping and connection tools. ILME inserts are available in standard form for heavy-duty applications, or JEI® type with a choice of screw, spring or the patented Squich® quick connections. The Mixo range comprises customisable modular inserts; here, you'll find data transmission and pneumatic modules as well as power and signalling modules with spring, screw, crimp or Squich® quick connections. Under the data inserts category, you can find USB inserts, fibre optic inserts, coaxial or RJ45 inserts.

We also stock a range of ILME contacts, including class crimp contacts, JEI® crimp contacts, coaxial and pneumatic contacts, fibre optic and PCB interface contacts. ILME enclosures include JEI® and class metal enclosures for standard and heavy-duty applications. Also available are COB panel supports for multipole connectors, insulating enclosures for special applications such as extreme and low-temperature environments, and food and hygienic uses. Configurations for special enclosures include bulkhead mounting, in-line joints, cable passing hoods and TBox couplers. Enclosures can be produced in housings of metal, plastic or thermoplastic, with levers in several material options, EMC protection, and extra-large hoods for cables.

Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Rowse Automation offers a wide choice of ILME modern sockets and plugs, with options that include Atex and heavy-duty versions, low voltage, phase inverter or staging equipment options. The Pluso range includes socket outlets that can be wall-mounted or flush-mounted, plus plugs, couplers, phase inverters and inlets. If you don't want or need connection tools, choose the innovative Squich® quick connection range. We can also supply ILME containing boxes for signals and control devices, interlocked switched socket outlets, and various accessories for distribution boards.


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