Contactors are required for switching a motor's electrical power circuit, and are essentially an electrical switch or relay controlled by a separate circuit with a much lower voltage. Rowse Automation supplies a wide range of contactors for many types of application, varying in voltage and current from 24V AC and DC coil Contactors to 110V and 230V AC coil.

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Within each voltage category, Contactors are included in many different amp and wattage levels to suit every individual operational requirement, and these are offered in optional screw-type or spring-loaded connections. The selection of Contactors is supported by a number of useful Accessories, including a front or side-mounted Auxiliary Switch, supplied with either screw or cage clamp terminals.

The compact size and variety of mounting options gives these Contactors and Auxiliary Switches maximum flexibility in any automation control environment. They save space, while still allowing for expansion in control cabinets, and they work effortlessly in combination with motor starters and softstarts.

The accessories available for Contactors at Rowse Automation also include a plug-in Surge Suppressor, front or side-mounted Mechanical Locks for Contactors, and Reversing Contactor Base Plates for mounting Contactor assemblies. A handy 3-pole Installation Kit for Contactor assemblies is also available, which includes wiring modules with connecting clips and mechanical interlocks. Paralleling Links are offered for 3-pole star jumpers and a Paralleling Link Cover for touch protection.

The product portfolio for Contactor Accessories is completed by a pair of Timing Relays which provide Contactor control, and are offered in three function options, wye-delta, star-delta and industrial enclosure.

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