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Electrical Connector Technology is a generic term for the comprehensive range of ways in which electrical terminations may be connected together with an electromechanical device to create an electrical circuit. Electrical connectors usually consist of male-ended plugs and female-ended jacks and may be temporary, as in any household plug and socket, or form a permanent joint between two electrical wires or devices. An adapter might be required to bring dissimilar connectors together effectively, or some kind of tool used for their assembly and removal.

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At Rowse Automation we can supply many types of manufactured electrical connectors, for use in a wide range of signalling, power and control applications. Electrical Connector Technology components include Connecting Cables, and all the elements that may be required to connect two lengths of cable, or to join a cable to a terminal to form a cable assembly. To this end we can also provide a selection of Electrical Connector Technology Terminals and Connections, for connecting wiring between different items in an enclosure, or to facilitate connections between individually enclosed devices. These include terminal and junction blocks as well as valve and data connectors.

Harting make a huge range of industrial, interface and PCB connectors, together with all the supporting accessories and tools required for easy installation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices. Rowse Automation is an authorised distributor for Harting Electrical Connector Technology, and we carry a full portfolio of Harting Connectors, Connector Inserts, Connector Housings and Connector Tools for a streamlined installation of uniform products.



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