Safety switches

Safety Switches are the safest way to detect movement sequences and mobility states, and represent the first link in the chain of operational safety. Once a signal is detected, signals are safely forwarded to secure units for evaluation, such as basic safety relays, programmable software-based safety relays and fail-safe safety controllers or PLCs.

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      Rowse Automation offers an extensive catalogue of Safety Switches which fit the right solution to the particular hazard, including standard position switches to protect personnel by positive opening of a machine's NC contacts. Such basic position switches comply with safety category PL c/SIL 1, while a single Safety Switch can up the compliance level to PL d/SIL 2. Different versions of Safety Switches can also be combined to achieve a higher safety category such as PL e/SIL 3, depending on the particular application requirements.

      Our product portfolio of Safety Switches includes position switches in Standard, Modular and Compact options for limited space and high environmental resistance, Open for restricted conditions, and switches with hinges, tumblers or actuators for various types of door movement.

      Other types of Safety Switches are just simple, robust keys, designed to detect the position of a moving machine guard and fitted to the leading edge of hinged, sliding or lift-off guards. This type of switch has a rotary head for easy mounting and offers a choice of actuator entry positions and construction materials, including plastic and stainless steel. These can be supplied with either electromagnetic or spring-lock fittings, or models with an escape release.

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