Human Machine Interface options provide for a basic or advanced design of machinery control panels, available in energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for any kind of automation control application.

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      Basic HMI equipment is suggested for entry-level applications on a limited scale, where fast and intuitive functioning is balanced by the importance of the price-to-performance ratio. Simple and key panel devices have high-powered visualisation and excellent display quality, which makes operating machinery and equipment as simple and efficient as possible.

      The most basic HMI panels are available in several display sizes, with combined touch or key operation and high-resolution displays. Innovative user interfaces offer advanced graphics and controls, with USB interface options which allow for connection of external devices.

      Prefabricated key panels are installation ready, making them a cost-effective, safe and time-saving option for customised control devices. Key panels offer maximum flexibility even in restricted spaces, as well as integrated safety, diagnostic, and communications features, which can be easily merged into existing automation networks.

      For more complex applications on a larger scale, a range of advanced HMI solutions are available in both mobile and stationary forms, with state of the art comfort panels for specialised industry environments. Stainless steel casings and fully enclosed devices are available, with high performance integrated interfaces that can still withstand tough environmental conditions. Some panels can be even more flexible, allowing for attachment directly to machinery or on a supporting bracket or foot. Other panels are designed to accommodate all sorts of mobile applications, with either WiFi or hardwired communications.



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