Load Feeders

Load Feeders and Motor Starters are a group of electrical devices used to distribute energy from a concentrated mains source to a network of lower voltage circuits and operating devices. Modern compact starters are specifically designed for configuring a load feeder so as to obtain the maximum flexibility and functionality, which can be applied across a wide range of operational situations.

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      Load feeders for either fused or fuseless starters can be supplied in individual function modules, for attachment to contactors, or as complete units with screw-type or spring-loaded connections. Load feeders are also available for different types of starter, such as wye-delta or star-delta, reversing or direct on-line.

      The link module design of load feeders enables fast and easy installation, with over 40,000 use cases having been tested in combinations covering almost every industrial application. Fuseless load feeders can also be connected with pre-assembled kits consisting of the link modules, with wiring kits and busbar adaptors or a standard mounting rail, in four sizes up to 55 kW.

      Fuseless Compact Starters, or Direct-On-Line starters offer the totally integrated functionality of a circuit breaker, contactor and overload relay in a single device, with an optional operator panel for simple, local monitoring and operation. These starters have an IO-Link interface which enables a straightforward 3-wire connection to a higher-level controller, and are available in a range of wattages.

      Rowse Automation stocks a wide selection of Load Feeders and Motor Starters, including DOL starters, reversing starters and infeed systems incorporating expansion modules.



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