Automation technology is, increasingly, the means by which we refine our manufacturing and industrial processes, in order to save on time, labour, materials and electricity costs, and to improve precision and quality. As well as factory machinery and processing, automation controllers can govern anything from a 'smart' domestic residence, to complex guidance and tracking equipment for transportation and mobile signalling networks. At Rowse Automation, we offer a full range of automation control supplies for all sorts of applications, including military, industrial and domestic.

HMI's PLC's Software
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      Automation controllers can be as simple as an on/off switch, or as complicated as a fully automated production line, with myriad Input/Output signals requiring advanced-level algorithms. Automation has therefore diversified into several major areas, including pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment, and, most commonly in modern systems, computers and electronic devices.

      Supplies for automation control systems include programmable logic controllers of varying degrees of complexity, together with the software required to program them. Specialised Siemens PLCs lead the world in automation control, and their controllers come in a range of different options that will cover any system, from basic entry-level to the advanced, multi-variable controllers for integrated industrial applications.

      Between the software and the system there is still the requirement for human input, and this requires a Human-Machine Interface, or HMI. This is essentially the hardware required to set up the system, such as casings, panels and displays, and can range from a simple key panel to an individually designed solution for specific applications, including mobile and high impact environments.


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