Control & Signalling

Control and signalling devices are core to our business here at Rowse Automation. They're found throughout industry and have a wide variety of functions, including the initiation and transfer of commands to start and stop systems. They also moderate operating conditions in response to sensory inputs. Selector switches shuttle between two or more positions to control the flow of electrical current, and are commonly rotary in form. They'll start or stop an application, change machine speeds, move components vertically or horizontally, or switch from manual to automatic operation.

Position switches are used where moving parts in a machine or system have to be positioned, monitored or controlled. They're found in safety devices to detect the limit position of moving parts, and so are also called limit switches. Relays are basic to all electrical and electronic systems. They channel current and signals in an application by opening and closing designated circuits. Timers allow applications to function at a predetermined time or for a fixed duration.

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Push Buttons & Selector Switches

Push buttons and selector switches are the basic electrical mechanisms that control machine functions or elements of a process. They're designed for a simple action that makes or breaks a circuit, such as the on/off buttons or switches that govern some aspect of the machine's performance. They're usually made of a durable material like metal or plastic, and are generally ergonomically shaped. This means that most push buttons have a slight finger-shaped indent, while pull buttons are typically mushroom-shaped.

We carry a wide range of push buttons at Rowse Automation, in many different colours of metal or plastic, with or without a key-operated function. They can be illuminated for dark areas or have an indicator light for specific conditions. Also available are emergency stop buttons, with or without a key, which allow an entire application to be stopped immediately if a dangerous situation arises. We can supply selector switches in two or three switch positions, with or without key operation, while double push buttons are also available for On and Off selection.

We can supply a full range of mechanical position switches that will ensure the reliable and safe shutdown of automated systems or machinery in the event of any danger. They're typically standardised and modular in design, making installation simpler, and the array of plug, pulley and contact choices offers great flexibility. Position switches can include swing doors, sliding doors, guards, flaps or covers, and can be selected for extreme environmental conditions.

Actuator options for position switches include a basic switch, a roller lever or angular roller lever, twist lever or adjustable twist lever, plain, roller or rounded plunger, and a rod or spring rod actuator. Position switches are made from metal or plastic, in lengths of 27mm or 25mm, and with 1NO and 1NC contact.

At Rowse Automation we also stock timers and relays, from plug-in relays to complete relay units, and electrically operated switches in a variety of configuration options such as AC or DC, 24V-230V and with a choice of contacts. Timers are available in on-delay or off-delay versions, as well as multifunctional or star-delta options.



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