Wilhelm Harting Mechanical Workshops was founded in Minden, Germany, on September 1, 1945, by Wilhelm and his wife Marie. Their 100 square metre workshop produced everyday devices such as irons, hotplates, electric lighters and energy-saving bulbs, but Wilhelm was looking for a more universal product. In 1950, he conceived and developed the first rectangular Han® connector, an easy-to-use, high-performance universal connector that soon became a global standard product.

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The Harting Technology Group is still committed to entrepreneurial innovation, and offers customised connectivity solutions across many different applications. Harting today is one of the world's foremost German technological manufacturers, and is still owned and run by Wilhelm and Marie's grandchildren. The company is a leading producer of connection technology for the industrial sector, especially for signalling, data and power.

The company HQ is in Espelkamp, Germany, and Harting also has 14 production sites and 43 sales companies worldwide. It employs some 5,300 people in its facilities across the world, with a UK base in Northampton established over 30 years ago.

Harting Parts & Components

Rowse Automation has been stocking Harting products for many years. We can supply all the core products which made this brand famous, as well as its many new and innovative types of connector.

Electrical Connectors

Harting's range of electrical connectors includes the versatile Han-Modular connector, which allows different transmission media to be combined and can handle different contact types, all housed in the one connector. You can choose modules for handling different signal types, and you can also find multi-media connectors with combined connections for signalling, data and power. With the continuing trend towards smaller and smaller devices, Harting also produces a range of compact and miniature PCB connectors for electronic circuit boards, such as the Har-Flex and Har-Flexicon range, as well as DIN connectors or a PCB connector with ribbon cable.

Industrial Connectors

Harting's industrial connectors are designed for quick and easy assembly, and can be used in all sorts of industrial applications where a safe, removable electrical connection is required. You can get Harting industrial connectors in more than 50 configurations, with screw fittings, protected or pin and reel contacts, push-button interlock, or male or female contacts. You can choose from many different sizes, and you'll have plenty of optional add-ons to allow for future modifications.

The modular construction of these connectors means they're fast and easy to install, last a long time, and are hugely flexible in their application. Harting modular connectors are lightweight and compact. They can be configured for the latest power and safety standards or integrated with smart technology. The Han-Smart, for example, has data processing capability inside the connector itself, providing extra functionality such as machine identification, surge protection and energy measurement.


To ensure optimum performance and get the best out of your products when installing, repairing or maintaining them, Rowse Automation also stocks a dedicated range of Harting tools. These include tools for stripping or removing wires, crimping tools, and screwdrivers or punches for assembling your connectors.

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