Hygienic Enclosures

Hygienic Design Enclosures are specifically designated for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications. They are made of stainless steel, and come with a gap-free, all-round silicone seal that goes between the enclosure and the cover. These Enclosures also have hygiene-compliant hexagon locks, and some have a roof tilted forward at a 30° angle to prevent anything collecting on top of the unit. Hygienic Design System Enclosures are available for entire systems, supported by a corresponding range of accessories.

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At Rowse Automation we are able to supply a wide variety of Hygienic Design Enclosures, starting with simple terminal boxes, compact enclosures and even IT enclosures. There is also a Command Panel Enclosure for PCs, Monitors and other computing equipment, which securely and hygienically protects displays, and has the 30° roof tilt that allows liquid run-off and prevents the deposit of any objects.

The same tilted roof design is also incorporated into the Hygienic Design Compact Enclosure, which can be sized to specification and has a blue-dyed seal to distinguish it clearly from foodstuffs. There's a Hygienic Design Enclosure for Terminal Boxes, and one with air or water heat exchangers for use in hygienically sensitive areas of food and consumables production. This unit has a cleaning-friendly design which reduces the risks of any interior or exterior contamination, and ensures optimum food safety.

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