Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains are a form of sensor, comprised of a device that provides a curtain of infrared light to form a barrier surrounding dangerous machines or processes. Rowse Automation stocks a variety of Safety Light Curtain options, ranging from a simple finger or hand guard to whole body detection.

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      A basic local light curtain for hand and finger detection is easy to use, with minimal settings and functions. It is easily aligned and can have a local reset button connected to it directly without cabling or an additional console. It operates within short distances up to 20 metres and is compact in dimension, with extensive error displays to reduce time spent troubleshooting.

      For whole body detection and a range extended up to 50 metres, a basic light grid will offer similar functions, with up to 4 beams which can be used with deviating mirrors to bend round corners. A variant on this theme for access control is the light grid for whole body detection, for use when power is only available on one side. The detection range is smaller, up to 8 metres, but the compact active unit contains both transmitter and receiver.

      Safety Light Curtains protect personnel from harm without imposing a physical barrier, enabling greater ease of access to guarded components. They can assist maintenance processes, monitor cargo into and out of restricted areas, and enforce one-way access points. They come with a range of accessories, including rotating brackets, lens shields, deviating mirrors and protective stands and tubes.



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