ABB was founded as ASEA (Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget) in 1883. It was a leading Swedish electrical company for some 100 years, until its merger with Brown, Boveri & Cie (BBC), which was a conglomerate of Swiss electrical firms founded in 1891. The Swedish-Swiss company ASEA Brown Boveri is today known worldwide as ABB, a multinational corporation that ships more than a million products a day. It has four main production divisions, including Industrial Automation, and a corporate headquarters in Zurich.

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The ABB corporation operates in more than 100 countries and employs about 110,000 people internationally. ABB operations in the UK consist of 20 or so sites, employing approximately 3,000 personnel, with their HQ in Warrington, Cheshire. ABB is a technological pioneer, with a history of innovation going back 130+ years. Their 21st-century mission is to push technological boundaries and achieve new levels of performance in a sustainable future.

ABB Parts & Components

ABB is a leading global manufacturer, and Rowse Automation is pleased to stock many of their products, including safety equipment, low voltage control gear and motor protection.


Safety Light Curtains

Optical safety devices such as light grids and light curtains detect the presence of a body or object in their protected field and are usually used for access protection. We can supply both transmitter and receiver units from ABB's Orion range of light curtains. These reflect light beams between them to trigger a response, such as opening doors or barriers.

Safety Relays

We stock a wide range of ABB Safety Relays for many different types of application, including a universal safety relay which you can use in most safety devices. Models from the ABB Sentry range can be used in emergency stop devices, interlocking doors, hatches or gates, foot control devices, safety mats and many more. Some Sentry models can also be used as expansion relays with advanced timer functions.

Safety Controllers

Rowse Automation can supply ABB Safety Controllers from the Vital range, which provide you with exclusive control of up to 30 smaller machine safety devices. This means that you can make easier and faster connections, replacing several safety relays with a central controller. The more advanced ABB Pluto range of programmable safety controllers offers full system integration and communication interfaces.

Low Voltage Control Gear


At Rowse Automation we stock a wide range of ABB contactors that you can use for all sorts of applications. You can choose from AC or DC current, with a large selection of power input and control voltages.

Overload Relays

We stock ABB overload relays in EF electronic versions and TF thermal versions, with adjustable current ranges. This type of relay can also protect you from damage to the coil, internal motor faults or short circuits in your connecting cables.

Motor Protection

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

At Rowse Automation we can supply MPCBs in lots of different options, providing you with the maximum flexibility for every installation. Various connection types are also available, including spring-loaded, screw-in, or ring cable lug.

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