Motor Control

Motor control is an umbrella term for the devices used to govern an electrical motor. The most basic action of motor control components is to make the motor start or stop, and this can be done either manually or automatically. A manual on/off switch is the simplest device, but in modern industrial automation, the motor control device is more likely to be an electronic module. Such types of controller can make the motor rotate either forwards or in reverse, as well as controlling the torque and the speed of rotation. Today's advanced motor control devices feature variable speed drives, and are also designed with overload protection and automatic cut-offs in the event of electrical failure. At Rowse Automation, we stock a wide range of contactors, load feeders, soft starts, motor starters, motor protection and overload components, and variable speed drives.

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Contactors are the components a motor needs to switch its electrical power circuits on and off. A simple contactor comprises an electrical switch that is itself controlled by a different circuit, operating at a much lower voltage than the main application. At Rowse Automation we can supply a large selection of contactors, in a range of different voltages, using AC or DC only, or for AC and DC. Sizes range from the compact AF09 to the largest AF146, and AC3 current ratings from 12A to 140A. Power options are available from 11kW to 140kW, and we offer a variety of auxiliary contacts and configurations.


A variable speed drive or VSD is a device for controlling the speed or torque of an electric motor. Both the drive and its housing vary in size according to the power it requires, which in turn depends on the size of the motor(s) it's controlling. VSDs can be programmed using an HMI or PLC, and can be operated remotely. Our stock of Siemens V20 VSDs is available in various frame sizes; power options range from 0.12kW to 0.75kW, and from 0.16hP to 1.5hP. They come with or without a filter and with two different voltage range options. Additional items in the VSD range include three phase line filters and braking resistors, parameter loaders, braking modules, single or three-phase line reactors, and shield connection kits.

We can supply direct online and reversing starters, plus soft start devices to cut down the torque and power load during start-up. This helps to regulate any current surges that would normally occur during the start-up process, and reduces mechanical and electrodynamic stress on the motor system. At Rowse Automation we offer a wide range of Siemens soft starts, in power options from 1.5kW to 132kW (@400V) and from 0.75kW to 18.5kW (@230V). Most have screw connections, though some of them are spring type, and there’s a choice of analogue output and thermistor motor protection. We also offer a wide range of overload relays, for electronic, thermal or solid state overload protection, as well as fuseless compact starters and load feeders that distribute power to multiple devices.



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