Small Enclosures

Small Enclosures are designed for easy installation and to optimise the use of space, providing durable protection in many environments and across a broad spectrum of applications. Small Enclosures demonstrate advanced precision engineering, with high protection ratings which are ensured by a knife-edge perimeter, a seamlessly foamed into place gasket, and a secure locking system.

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At Rowse Automation we carry a range of Small Enclosures that are made of lightweight materials for wall mounting, such as fibreglass reinforced polycarbonate, sheet steel and cast aluminium, with an optional viewing window, mounting plate or support rails in some versions. For harsh environments, there is a robust spray-finished cast aluminium enclosure, offering excellent corrosion resistance. For optimum safety and maintenance, the lightweight, self-extinguishing Polycarbonate Enclosure is reinforced with fibreglass, and comes with a transparent or grey cover with quick-release fasteners.

Small Bus Enclosures are wall-mounted enclosures featuring a door of sheet steel which includes a polycarbonate viewing window, with optional support rails or mounting plate. Some versions of the Bus enclosure have holes already drilled for cable glands, and can accommodate virtually all varieties of Bus module. There is also a Terminal Box enclosure with a safe PE conductor connection between the enclosure and its cover.

The Small Enclosures collection also features a general purpose E-Box, which can used for any number of purposes including personal storage space. They have a sheet steel mounting plate and door, with 180° hinges, and a lock insert which can be replaced with an independent locking system.


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