Enclosure Systems

At Rowse Automation we can offer a flexible catalogue of Enclosure Systems for use in industrial processing, automated control systems, electrical engineering, electronic data transmission and more. Enclosure Systems comprise a fully customisable range of cabinets which offer a system platform for almost any application. Each Enclosure System can be individually designed with specialised system accessories for precise and very specific tasks.

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Enclosure Systems can come in a simply installed baying style, so they are designed with a symmetrical width and depth frame profile that saves significantly on space and ensures bayability on all sides. These Enclosures are made of spray-finished sheet or stainless steel, and can be provided with EMC shielding across a broad range of frequencies, or come in a modular style. Such modular Enclosure Systems have no mounting plate or front door, but are prepared for installing partial doors or mounting plates, as well as component shelves and other desired accessories.

Enclosure Systems have automatic potential equalisation built into all panels to obviate the need for individual grounding strips, and a triple-phase surface treatment that ensures maximum safety. Specialised Enclosure Systems are available for low voltage power distribution, which include fused switch disconnector and busbar Enclosures, and Free-Standing Enclosure Systems with the roof and sides made from a single piece of sheet steel with a roll-formed frame. IT Enclosure Systems are also available for data management purposes and are ideally suited for a server rack or network. These can incorporate cooling or venting capabilities for use with high-performance servers.


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