The more complicated our automation systems become, the more complex is the technology required to control them, and advances are constantly being made to accommodate the overall increase in such systems in all walks of life. Whether it's setting up a personal domestic environment which controls your heating, lighting, security and swimming pool temperature, or automating a packaging production line, Rowse Automation can supply a Programmable Logic Controller to cover your needs.

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      Automation PLCs govern a wide range of systems, and Siemens are the world leaders in specialised products of this type. Siemens PLCs come in a variety of different options, starting at the S7-200 for beginners and entry-level programmers, to the S7-1200 with its more advanced capabilities, and the exceptionally versatile and compact Siemens LOGO!.

      The Siemens S7-200 gives a powerful performance in a compact modular design, and is an ideal entry-level system. Users can select modules tailored to their individual requirements, and the built-in software makes programming fast and user-friendly.

      The Siemens S7-1200 builds on previous generations, and adds more powerful functions to make this controller a good choice for more complex automation processes. It is versatile and scalable, and can add a wide range of expansion modules without any increase in physical size.

      The Siemens LOGO! is the most user-friendly of the Siemens PLC range, and offers a compact, functional solution for many kinds of feedback and control systems. It has a fully integrated web server for communications, requiring no HTML knowledge, and comes in a range of voltage and power options.


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