Enclosures is the generic term for the broad spectrum of boxes and cabinets within which the majority of engineering and electrical components are housed. In most cases these sensitive components need to be protected from environmental and atmospheric contaminants, such as dust and moisture; in other more specialised environments they need to be weather-proof, pressure and shock-proof, bacteria and germ-proof – or combinations of the above, such as enclosures used in clean rooms and food factories.

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At Rowse Automation we can supply Enclosures for every environment and application, including Small Enclosures which could be used as terminal boxes and for enclosing electronic communications cable connections and Compact Enclosures which could house small control units or switching boards.

Durable sheet steel Enclosure Systems are available in a basic platform version for almost any application, which can be customised with the necessary system accessories. Then there are Enclosure Systems designed more specifically for low voltage switchgear assemblies or complex automation controllers. All the preceding Enclosures are also produced in Stainless Steel, together with One-Piece Consoles, Command Panels and PC Enclosures, and a Support Arm assembly for static loads up to 400 N.

For those demanding environments, Rowse Automation can provide a collection of Hygienic Design Enclosures that have been designed specifically for the food and beverage industry and offer significant benefits over stainless steel enclosures. We can also supply Enclosures designated for use in various Climate Control systems, including both heating and cooling and specialised units for IT systems.


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