In 2020 Gewiss celebrated 50 years in business since its original foundation in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. The company was formed in 1970 on a mission of innovation, with their introduction of technopolymers into electrical plant engineering. In 1988 Gewiss was listed on the Italian stock market as a prelude to its international expansion. By 1997, the firm had acquired several European companies that were also leaders in the electrical industry.

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The Gewiss Group was now formed out of these 12 internationally active industrial and trading companies, with a registered office and technological centre still based near Bergamo. A new Logistics Hub was launched in 2000, with three major production facilities in northern Italy and others in Germany, France and Portugal. The Gewiss Group has over 1,500 employees, with sales and industrial sites in 17 countries including the UK. The Gewiss Group is today a global market leader in electrical products, with distributors in more than 100 countries.

Gewiss Parts & Components

At Rowse Automation we can supply a range of Gewiss parts and components, including connectors and items from the power distribution section of their catalogue. These offer cutting-edge technological protection, with integrated moulded-case and modular devices providing maximum synergy in many application environments.


Gewiss offer a large number of connectors in their building range, for standard plug, straight and screw connections, in low, very low and extra-low voltage options. They also have a small range of data connectors for smart buildings in their domotic range, including conventional network connectors, 3 Pole Power Supply connectors, FTP/UTP connectors and housing data connectors.


We stock a wide range of Gewiss distribution boards, disconnectors, reclosing devices and circuit breakers, with all necessary accessories.

You can choose from modular circuit breakers, for protection against short circuit and over-current in industrial, commercial or domestic applications. Options in this category include traditional, compact and high power miniature circuit breakers. A range of Gewiss modular circuit breakers is also available for residual current and over-current protection. These include optional add-on residual current devices in instantaneous, selective and impulse-resistant versions. This range also includes flush-mounted safety sockets.

Moulded case circuit breakers are available for many industrial and commercial power distribution applications, including those with adjustable thermal and/or magnetic release for residual current and motor protection. Gewiss also produce various automatic reclosing devices to restore the power supply and restart your system, plus four different sizes of rotary switch disconnector.

Rowse Automation can supply a range of Gewiss flush-mounted distribution boards, in painted sheet steel, complete with fittings for modular devices and various types of front panel. Options in this range can include country-specific installation kits, DIN rail kits and several accessories.

We can also supply Gewiss pre-wired string boards designed for photovoltaic systems in the industrial, commercial or domestic sector. Six different versions with varying voltages and number of strings are available, for all types of photovoltaic plant engineering requirements. This range also includes several modular products specifically designed for DC photovoltaic systems.

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