Siemens was the original start-up company, founded by Werner von Siemens in 1847 with partner Kohann Georg Halske. They built their telegraph construction business from a backyard workshop into Europe's largest industrial manufacturer. They successfully changed the method of transmitting telegraph messages from Morse code to a needle pointer. Siemens was commissioned to build Europe's first major telegraph connection, reaching 670 kilometres between Berlin and Frankfurt. This was followed by a contract in 1853 to build Russia's state telegraph network, extending some 9,000 kilometres.

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By 1855 the company had set up its first subsidiary company in St. Petersburg. This was followed by a UK subsidiary in 1858, which diversified into cabling and was responsible for laying a successful submarine transatlantic cable in 1875. From these successes, Siemens has grown over 175 years into a global technological conglomerate, with production and sales sites all over the world. Still based in Berlin and Munich, the company now employs nearly 300,000 people in 200 countries.

Siemens Parts & Components

Rowse Automation is a Siemens Distributor and Premier Stockist, and our team is trained and qualified to advise you on Siemens products. Our trusted relationship with Siemens means we can supply products from their entire catalogue, from relays and contactors to advanced soft starters and PLCs.


Siemens are moving forward into the future with their integrated automation control products, introducing families of intelligently governed devices such as scaleable SIMATIC technology. This IIoT integrated group of products includes STEP 7 automation software for PLCs, with S7-1200 starter kits, CPUs, communication modules and digital I/O modules. Also available are LOGO! 8 logic and digital expansion modules, as well as a variety of modules from their other PLC families, including a choice of HMIs.

Low Voltage Control Gear

Rowse Automation can supply you with Siemens contactors for all sorts of tasks, with optional voltage and current choices. Siemens contactors are available in all power ratings and amperages to suit your varying needs, with a choice of spring-loaded or screw-in connections.

Siemens relays can be supplied as separate modules such as contactor relays, time relays, overload relays, plug-in relays with optional logical isolation, or electrically operated switches. Complete relay units are also available, made up of a relay base unit with an industrial relay and mounting accessories.

Electrical Components

Siemens electrical components include a large selection of metal or plastic position switches, available in such configurations as basic switch, rod actuator, roller lever or angular roller lever, and plain, roller or rounded plunger. We can also supply you with a huge range of Siemens pushbuttons and switches, including emergency stops, LED modules and indicator lights. Siemens also produce switching contact blocks, holders and blocks for enclosures, plus key-operated switches and selector switches.


We stock a selection of Siemens motor control products, including load feeders, reversing or direct online starters, and soft starts, plus variable speed drive options and motor protection circuit breakers. All Siemens products come in multiple power, current, voltage, material and size versions.


Current Rating AC3
Actuation Type
Auxiliary Contacts
Control Voltage
Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs
Enclosure Width
Failsafe Relay Outputs
Failsafe Transistor Outputs
Frame Size
Fuse Type
Horse Power
Input Voltage
Power Rating
Line Voltage
No. of Poles
Output Current
Output Voltage
Overload Type
Power @ 230V
Power @ 400V
Rated Current
Setting Range
Starter Type
Switching Capacity
Switching Type
Terminal Type
Time Delay
Tripping Type

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