Emergency Stops

Any mechanical or electrical process requires fail-safe procedures to protect the machinery and its users, and at Rowse Automation we offer a comprehensive range of safety-related items rated in accordance with the European Parliament's Machinery Directive of 2006. One of the most important of these safety procedures is the ability to bring any machine to an Emergency Stop in the event of operational failure or accident.

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      Our range of Safety E-Stops encompasses various designs which enable immediate and safe disconnection of any machinery or process in the case of danger or machine failure. A variety of options offers suitable Safety E-Stops for any situation, from simple mushroom push buttons in metal or plastic finish, to illuminated LED push buttons, and more secure versions with a key or a protective collar, as well as a choice of surface or panel mounting.

      The smarter factory automation processes become, the smarter become the solutions devised to regulate and control them, and some new generation Safety E-Stops can now be electrically activated. In accordance with revisions to safety-related standards IEC 60204 and ISO 13850, it is possible to switch an E-Stop push button to active or inactive mode through electrically activated illumination.

      This type of advanced solution is ideally suited to modular machinery and plant, where inactive machine parts can be entirely switched off to reduce energy consumption. Integrated compact systems offer far greater flexibility, and smart safety connections to interlinked devices can be programmed via ethernet networks, StatusBus or AS-i.



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