Safety Controllers

As automated systems grow ever more complex, the safety requirements to keep such systems functioning properly and without danger become more stringent. New generation Safety Controllers offer a fail-safe solution, with a programmable logic controller that guarantees the functional safety of any machinery or plant. These Controllers satisfy the maximum safety requirements and are in full compliance with the relevant national and international standards. Safety Controllers enable simultaneous processing of both standard and dedicated safety programs, so that both tasks can be handled by the same CPU.

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      Combined Safety Controllers are being used in an increasing number of applications, from plastics processing, food and beverage production and packaging to general mechanical engineering and the automobile industry. Specialised machines can also be custom built to incorporate individual system requirements in any area of application.

      The benefits of an incorporated system are that it obviates the necessity of multiple individual safety relays, allows the coexistence of two separate critical programs on a single controller unit, and reduces stock-keeping by saving on individual components. With advanced communication and system integration, compact Safety Controllers can be used to expand existing architectures. Safety Controllers are also more flexible in that their safety functions are software-based instead of hard wired, and they can be more easily modified, expanded and reproduced.

      At Rowse Automation we can supply a wide range of Safety Controllers which are compact, user-friendly and powerful. They offer improved diagnostic functions for early fault detection, and are a cost-effective solution for many advanced applications.


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