Power Supplies

At Rowse Automation we can offer Power Supplies for every type of application, from the light domestic to the heavy duty industrial, with a range of options including AC or DC functionality, compact modular designs and intelligent programmable control systems. Every electrical operation, no matter how big or small, requires an efficient supply of power, and for commercial production processes a constant, consistent quality power supply is required to maintain their smooth operation.

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      For low voltage power distribution there are slim, compact units suitable for control boxes and small cabinets, which are particularly efficient in reducing power loss, and are ideal for use with plant that is often operating in stand-by mode. Also available are miniature Power Supplies for easy integration into distribution boards, and multiple phase modular options for technologically demanding applications. The maximum functionality of these units make them ideal for use in complex systems, with wide-range input that allows almost universal connection, and strong protection against voltage fluctuations.

      The new generation of Power Supplies is setting increasingly high standards of reliability and efficiency, with switched mode units that can provide a constant, controlled supply of input power, and a wide range of voltage options for DC and AC networks. They are designed with large power reserves to support short-term high demand, such as start-up processes and connection of high power consumers, and are therefore much more resistant to overload. The high level of performance efficiency helps to reduce overall energy consumption and generation of heat in control cabinets.

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