WAGO was first established as a family company in Minden, Germany, in 1951, under the name WAGO Klemmenwerk GmbH. Two founding partners, Friedrich Hohorst and Heinrich Nagel. had patented an innovative spring clamp for connecting electrical wires, which didn't require screws. WAGO is still headquartered in Minden, under the original family management, but is now called WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The company is best known for manufacturing electrical connection components, and for making electronic components needed for decentralised automation. As well as their famed cage clamp products and push-wire connectors, they specialise in software and solutions for the industrial, rail and energy sectors, building and lighting management, and the marine and offshore sectors.

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The company has grown a lot since its foundation, and is now a sizeable Group fielding 8,500 global personnel, of whom almost half work in Germany. WAGO has divided its operations into two principal business divisions, Automation and Electrical Interconnections, and has representatives in over 80 countries. The company now has nine international production centres and a further 20 sales and distribution centres around the world. Global sales approach 100 million euros a year.

WAGO Parts & Components

Rowse Automation can supply a wide range of WAGO products, covering flexible, modular solutions to suit many different applications. WAGO products are compatible with all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards, and have been fully approved and certified for worldwide use.


WAGO automation technology is suitable for lots of different environments, and includes modular software, cybersecurity and cloud connection solutions. We can supply I/O Systems, comprehensive software solutions or user-friendly PLCs in a fully flexible range of modular options. Automated system accessories include sensor/actuator boxes, HMI touch panels, and modular industrial switches that can be either managed or unmanaged.

Electrical Interconnections

Rowse Automation can supply you with WAGO electrical connections for every type of application. Possible options include a large selection of terminal blocks, which range from country-specific, standard field-wiring terminal blocks to high-performance, rail-mounted versions. The rail-mounted terminal blocks are maintenance-free and proof against vibration. They’re quick to install and flexible. You can select WAGO's installation connectors and terminal blocks to save you time and space when plugging in solid conductors. Alternatively, you can install pluggable connectors easily and securely with WAGO's patented spring pressure push-in CAGE CLAMP® connections. The range of WAGO electrical connections available from Rowse Automation is complemented by their specialised PCB range, which includes PCB terminal blocks and pluggable connectors.

Electronic Interfaces

At Rowse Automation we can provide you with a wide selection of WAGO interfaces for electronic systems. These include the patented JUMPFLEX® family of isolation amplifiers and signal conditioners. These are advanced units that can be used reliably anywhere in the world, to provide secure, error-free, universal signal transfer. Other compatible modules in this series include an array of interface modules, power supply and relay modules, and optocoupler modules. We can also offer WAGO electronic interface accessories such as system wiring solutions, overvoltage protection, voltage taps and current transformers.


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