Welcome to Rowse Automation, a division of Rowse where we specialise in all things automated. We've been expanding our expertise in automation and control over the 17 years since our company was first founded. In 2004 we were an enterprising electrical wholesale firm in Plymouth, while today Rowse Automation leads around the world. Our network has grown to embrace advancing industrial technology, and our automation and control catalogue has grown along with it. We're a forerunner in this field of expertise, so whenever you want to catch up on what's new in automation, look for it here.


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How to Troubleshoot Common PLC Problems

Post By: Harry Richardson On: 19-02-2024 Read Time: 4 minutes

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have become indispensable to industrial automation and control systems. They form the operational hub that keeps your automated equipment running correctly...

What are the Differences Between PLCs and Microcontrollers?

Post By: Harry Richardson On: 19-02-2024 Read Time: 4 minutes

It's a general trend in innovation and technology that things get progressively smaller. Just look at those room-sized computers they used in the 1940s and 50s! Now you can wear your computer on your wrist...

How To Reduce Equipment Downtime

Post By: Ryan King On: 19-02-2024 Read Time: 4 minutes

Downtime during production is inevitable. However, the approach a manufacturer takes to recover from disruptions can make a significant difference in reducing production delays and incurred costs...

How Do Emergency Stop Buttons Work?

Post By: Ryan King On: 14-12-2023 Read Time: 4 minutes

An emergency stop button is a fail-safe control switch installed on most types of machinery to protect people and equipment from harm. Sometimes called a kill or E-stop switch, it ensures...

How To Choose Relay

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 14-12-2023 Read Time: 5 minutes

Choosing a relay that’s suitable for your application requires a thorough understanding of the relay’s characteristics. Once you’ve found an appropriate relay, you can confirm its suitability...
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Today, automation and control technology is cutting edge, and an integral part of the fourth industrial revolution (aka Industry 4.0). Many manufacturers are switching over to smart factories, with equipment seamlessly connected to the IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things. Comprehensive communication networks allow you to control some or all aspects of your facility using fixed or portable devices, radically changing the way we work.

Much of this is down to the continued integration of artificial intelligence into industrial systems, and the networked processes that contribute to the IIoT. It involves increased reliance on sensory inputs, collecting big data for analysis and processing. Together with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and logic controllers, we're also seeing an expansion in the fields of virtual and augmented reality, enabling us to create better design and production environments.

Modern automation and control is also centred around improving energy efficiencies, so as to cut down on direct consumption and its costs. We're much more focused on industry's environmental impact and cleaner energy initiatives, so that we reduce our carbon footprint and become less destructive.

Our aim at Rowse Automation is to keep you updated with the latest news and technological advances – as they're happening.