Safety Relays

At Rowse Automation we offer a wide selection of safety-related products, starting with Safety Relays that can be used for all types of application, from the most pump application to the more complex systems and industrial processes. All products offered at Rowse are in full compliance with required safety regulations and international standards.

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Safety Relays are used in building safety circuits for every piece of machinery and vary in their complexity in relation to their usage requirements. The most basic models are simple and cost-efficient to install, powerful in protection and easy to use.

Universal Safety Relays are available which allow the same model to be used with almost every type of safety device, thus reducing stock and expenses and saving on warehouse space. Typical Universal Safety Relay models come with a front panel display offering simple preset or custom configuration, and extensive status information. Precise timer functions up to ± 1% accuracy are incorporated, together with error messaging capacity and a multi-reset button.

Many modern safety relays are designed in more flexible models which incorporate many of the basic functions of the standard relay in a streamlined and compact unit, capable of modular expansion and with such options as high-precision timing functions. The new generation of Safety Relays offers outstanding flexibility, simplicity and efficiency, with a modular design that ensures simplified system planning and expansion. These advanced Safety Relays allow simple safety functions to be implemented quickly and easily, without any prior programming knowledge.

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