Safety PLC's

As automation control systems are becoming more widespread and complex, the safety requirements are correspondingly more demanding, in order to keep them functioning effectively and without danger. The latest generation of Safety PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) provides a compact, fail-safe solution that will guarantee full operational safety of any kind of plant or automated system.

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      At Rowse Automation we can supply an extensive portfolio of high-tech Safety PLCs that can be flexibly scaled as required for individual needs, minimising expenditure on logistics, hard wiring and personnel training. Integrated Safety PLCs also cut down on space, as they systematically reduce the number of individual components and enable an increasingly compact control cabinet structure. Safety PLCs also allow safety-relevant tasks to be simultaneously implemented in a single controller alongside standard automation tasks.

      Different models are available in most ranges, offering simpler models for the smaller system, and more complex models with integrated bus communication for larger systems, enabling HMI and ethernet communication between different devices. Some systems can intercommunicate with multiple similar devices without additional programming, while also performing Machine Safety functions such as analogue input and speed monitoring.

      Advanced diagnostics can also be communicated from a Status Bus-enabled device to a central process controller such as an HMI (Human/Machine Interface). Sharing diagnostic information critical to a multitude of simultaneous maintenance operations helps minimise machine downtime, and reduce overall costs.

      Safety PLCs are designed to satisfy the most stringent safety requirements and comply fully with all relevant safety-related standards to PL e/SIL 3.


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