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PMA was founded near Zurich in Switzerland in 1975, as a company that developed and produced top-quality cable protection systems. The company's commitment to quality products soon earned them an excellent worldwide reputation, with a catalogue listing more than 6,500 products. PMA quickly established its reputation as the market leader in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and railway applications. PMA products are the preferred choice for applications that demand dependable protection for data and power cables. These include automation, building installations and many other projects.

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PMA underwent several mergers and some management restructuring. In 2010 the company was acquired by Thomas & Betts, a North American electrical corporation. When T&B were taken over in their turn, PMA became part of the Swiss-Swedish ABB Group. The PMA company HQ and manufacturing centre remains in the Zurich area, where they do their R&D and produce most of their globally distributed goods. PMA has around 170 employees worldwide, with sales offices and distribution centres in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, the USA and the UK. The ABB Group also has its headquarters in Zurich, and employs around 145,000 people in 100 or so countries worldwide.

PMA Parts & Components

At Rowse Automation we've been working for some time with ABB as a trusted partner. The PMA brand that now trades as a member of ABB retains its reputation as a world leader in cable protection and conduits. Their catalogue also includes a full range of complementary accessories and fittings, and we're pleased to supply a selection of PMA products.

Cable Protection

We stock a range of PMA flexible, non-metallic conduits that are typically used to provide protection for critical power and data cabling. This is particularly important where cables might be exposed to mechanical stress or specific environmental hazards. This type of conduit can be used in virtually any application, providing vital protection in sectors including construction, industrial machinery, medical equipment, telecommunications, electrical systems on ships, railways, and natural energy installations such as wind or solar plants.


PMA also manufactures numerous types of single and multi-layered conduit, for a wide variety of technical applications. Conduits are made in diameter size ranging from 4.5mm to 125mm, in several light to heavy weights, and different material flexibilities. Rowse Automation can supply over 30 different types of PMAFLEX conduit, as well as high-performance PMAFLEX Pro for applications with particularly demanding parameters. For applications with even stricter requirements, we stock Over-Extruded multi-layer conduit with extra assured protection. PMA Ex-System conduit is the first multi-layer polyamide conduit patented for protection against explosion, plus UV radiation, chemicals and weathering.


PMA automation products protect against abrasion, prevent insulation wear and help reduce mechanical stresses. Rowse Automation stocks PMA Special Conduits for automation and robotics applications. These are specifically designed to be extremely flexible and last longer. This range is supported by various accessories such as conduit support and abrasion protection sleeves (including internal), tube clamps with inserts and swivel bases, and two choices of PMAGRIP connector.



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