Di-soric was originally founded in Germany in 1982 as di-el Industrie-electronic GmbH. In 1986, di-soric Industrie-electronic GmbH & Co. KG was also founded, and the two companies worked on the development of light sensors. The di-soric base at Lüdenscheid was responsible for in-house development and production, and di-soric was registered as a brand in over 60 countries.

In 1987 an innovative fork light barrier was invented, which is still sold in the di-soric product catalogue today. Further innovations in the 1990s included developing the first optical sensors and, later, the first vision sensors. In 2010, the two companies, di-el and di-soric, finally merged into one, under the name di-soric GmbH & Co. KG.

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Di-Soric Products

Rowse is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of Di-Soric products. The catalogue features a wide spectrum of high-performance image processing components, innovative sensors, signal lighting and high-quality LED machines. Di-Soric sensors and light solutions are also available to enhance security technology. Di-Soric products are found in many industrial sectors, such as electronics, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals and the automotive industry.

Di-Soric products fall into five broad categories:

  • Sensors
  • Image processing & identification
  • Machine lighting & signal lights
  • Safety technology
  • Accessories


Rowse can supply a wide range of Di-Soric sensors which are designed for industrial automation. Both standard and specialised sensors are available, with many different models and functional principles such as switching or measuring. The catalogue offers inductive sensors for secure and contactless detection of metallic objects, and optical sensors for detecting, measuring and testing, even in challenging ambient conditions.

Di-Soric capacitive sensors act as proximity switches, for contact-free and reliable detection of objects both metallic and non-metallic – even where disruptions like light and dirt may be a factor. Also available are ultrasonic sensors for measuring distances even at long ranges, allowing secure detection of almost any object regardless of material. Rowse can also supply Di-Soric label sensors, magnetic field sensors and special sensors for specific applications.

Image Processing & Identification

The Di-Soric catalogue offers a wide range of image-based ID systems that greatly enhance industrial productivity. These contain powerful decoding algorithms and intuitively operable vision sensors. This category includes profile sensors, vision sensors and a highly flexible software known as nVision. Also available are handheld ID readers and numerous lenses, plus a large selection of lighting filters and various accessories for image processing.

Machine Lighting & Signal Lights

Rowse can supply Di-Soric robust signal lights that provide 360° visibility, suitable for status displays of industrial machinery. The options include multi-segment IO-Link signal lighting, with adjustable segment and level modes. Also in this category are combined machine and signal lighting displays, which offer top-quality lighting in various overall lengths.

Safety Technology

We provide Di-Soric safety sensors for the most varied applications, to ensure full machine safety. They have many different functions and include optoelectronic safety sensors for hazardous environments. In this range, you’ll also find tough variants for the most demanding safety applications. Di-Soric safety sensors may be integrated with their secure control components to provide a high degree of safe machine availability.


We are able to supply a comprehensive range of Di-Soric accessories, including accessories for all the main product categories. These accessories supplement and optimise the Di-Soric range of sensors, with smart connections, easy assembly and reliable functioning. In addition, Di-Soric also manufactures technology for signal preparation, connection and universal fastening, plus devices for testing and setting parameters.

Catalogue offerings include connection cables, attachable plug connectors and adapter plugs, plus a large selection of cable types, lengths and pin assignments. Signal preparation items for various applications include logic distributors and high-quality function adapters. For all items in the Di-Soric product range, we can supply tailored and flexible-to-use fastenings, in the form of clamping and ball joint brackets.

The years since 2010 have seen Di-Soric achieve considerable international expansion under a new generation of family leadership. Di-Soric now fields some 140 employees worldwide, spread across eight countries, plus many distribution agencies. Since 2016, Di-Soric has continued to innovate in the field of new lighting technologies, such as IO-link, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors.

How Rowse Automation Can Help

We keep an extensive stock of Di-Soric products at Rowse Automation. These are used in many different industrial sectors. Our expert team have many years of experience in automation, and in-depth knowledge of Di-Soric and its products. We’re always happy to advise on Di-Soric sensors and lighting solutions, and to help you in your product selection.


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