Siemens - 3RT102 - Contactors

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Part No: 3RT102
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Product Data
Part No.3RT102
Part No. Power Control Voltage PriceActions
3RT1023-1AB00 4kW 24V AC £25.902 View
3RT1023-1AF00 4kW 110V AC £25.902 View
3RT1023-1AP00 4kW 230V AC £25.902 View
3RT1023-1BB40 4kW 24V DC £57.177 View
3RT1024-1AB00 5.5kW 24V AC £29.691 View
3RT1024-1AF00 5.5kW 110V AC £29.691 View
3RT1024-1AP00 5.5kW 230V AC £29.691 View
3RT1024-1BB40 5.5kW 24V DC £62.487 View
3RT1025-1AB00 7.5kW 24V AC £40.5 View
3RT1025-1AF00 7.5kW 110V AC £40.5 View
3RT1025-1AP00 7.5kW 230V AC £40.5 View
3RT1025-1BB40 7.5kW 24V DC £75.816 View
3RT1026-1AB00 11kW 24V AC £55.539 View
3RT1026-1AF00 11kW 110V AC £55.539 View
3RT1026-1AP00 11kW 230V AC £55.539 View
3RT1026-1BB40 11kW 24V DC £90.351 View