Entrelec Extended Catalogue

Entrelec Extended Catalogue

Entrelec has been manufacturing products for over 50 years; the range includes a comprehensive selection of different electrical connection devices from modular terminal blocks to power distribution blocks. The 1st of August 2018 saw TE Connectivity purchase the Entrelec brand from ABB.

The acquisition of Entrelec by TE Connectivity expands the range of products in the TE Connectivity catalogue and allows Entrelec to develop new products while remaining as the market leader in connectivity.

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Entrelec Products

Entrelec is known for its range of terminal blocks; however, it is not the only product that they manufacture. As one of the worlds leading manufacturers of connection technology Entrelec has modular distribution blocks, DIN rail and also marking labels as well as associated accessories.

Terminal Blocks

Core to the Entrelec business is terminal blocks, and they have been manufacturing them for over 50 years. Their terminal block range is vast with a wide selection of styles and connection methods. Entrelec terminals are available in a screw clamp, spring clamp, stud and insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology, ensuring you have the correct connection for any application.

All terminals are approved for worldwide use with approvals for IEC, UL, CSA, VDE standards. Some terminals have also been approved for use in explosive environments and carry ATEX certification.

Entrelec a range of SNK and SNA terminal blocks; SNK terminal blocks use spring technology, and the SNA range uses screw terminals. Entrelec terminals are available in a variety of different styles.

  • Feed through terminals
  • Double deck terminals
  • Ground terminals
  • Fuse terminals
  • Three level sensor terminals

Entrelec SNK Terminal Blocks

Entrelec’s range of SNK terminal blocks uses spring technology for the electrical connection. Spring connections are 50% faster to install than a traditional screw terminal, allowing for a one-step insertion. SNK terminals do not require re-tightening, unlike screw terminals that often have to have retightening campaigns.

SNK terminal blocks are available in a variety of sizes depending upon the cable size. SNK terminals can accommodate cable sizes between 2.5 to 16.0mm2 and are available in a variety of colours for circuit identification. SNK terminals have worldwide approval and can be utilised in a variety of industries and applications, the terminals carry CB, UL and CSA approval and are developed in accordance with IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-7-1, IEC 60947-7-3, UL 1059 and CSA C22.2 No158-10 standards. Being rated at 1000V SNK terminals are also suitable for use in solar equipment.

Entrelec SNK terminals can be commonly found in railway applications for trackside fixed equipment and also for the more demanding rolling stock. The spring technology has been successfully tested to IEC 61373 for high vibration and shock conditions.

Entrelec SNA Terminal Blocks

Entrelec’s range of SNA terminal blocks uses traditional screw technology for the electrical connection. SNA terminal blocks are available in various sizes for cables between 1.5 to 70.0mm2 in a variety of colours . SNA screw terminals carry the same approvals as the SNK variety making them ideal for a variety of applications:

  • Industry and Commercial
  • Solar
  • Railway
  • Hazardous Area
  • Marine

Entrelec SNA terminals can be used throughout the world as the carry many approvals such as CB, UL and CSA, they are also developed to adhere to the standards; IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-7-1, IEC 60947-7-3, UL 1059 and CSA C22.2 No158-10 standards.

Entrelec Accessories

To complement the range of Entrelec terminals several accessories are also available. Entrelec have a range of DIN rail for mounting their terminals and other DIN rail mounted equipment.

For the SNA and SNK terminal blocks the following accessories are available:

  • End Stops
  • Jumper Bars
  • Labels
  • Test Connectors
  • Test Devices
  • Tools