Eldon - MAS - Single Door Wall Mounting Enclosure

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Part No: MAS
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Product Data
Part No.MAS
Part No. Height Width Depth Mounting Plate PriceActions
MAS0202015PER5 200mm 200mm 155mm No £35.703 View
MAS0202015R5 200mm 200mm 155mm Yes £39.285 View
MAS0252015PER5 250mm 200mm 155mm No £37.332 View
MAS0252015R5 250mm 200mm 155mm Yes £41.355 View
MAS0252515PER5 250mm 250mm 155mm No £38.844 View
MAS0252515R5 250mm 250mm 155mm Yes £43.533 View
MAS0302515PER5 300mm 250mm 155mm No £40.608 View
MAS0302515R5 300mm 250mm 155mm Yes £45.828 View
MAS0302521PER5 300mm 250mm 210mm No £46.215 View
MAS0302521R5 300mm 250mm 210mm Yes £51.435 View
MAS0303015PER5 300mm 300mm 155mm No £45.27 View
MAS0303015R5 300mm 300mm 155mm Yes £50.607 View
MAS0303021PER5 300mm 300mm 210mm No £51.705 View
MAS0303021R5 300mm 300mm 210mm Yes £57.042 View
MAS0352515PER5 350mm 250mm 155mm No £45.792 View
MAS0352515R5 350mm 250mm 155mm Yes £51.381 View
MAS0403015PER5 400mm 300mm 155mm No £53.082 View
MAS0403015R5 400mm 300mm 155mm Yes £59.058 View
MAS0403021PER5 400mm 300mm 210mm No £56.187 View
MAS0403021R5 400mm 300mm 210mm Yes £62.163 View
MAS0404021PER5 400mm 400mm 210mm No £56.952 View
MAS0404021R5 400mm 400mm 210mm Yes £64.35 View
MAS0405021PER5 400mm 500mm 210mm No £67.401 View
MAS0405021R5 400mm 500mm 210mm Yes £76.194 View
MAS0406021PER5 400mm 600mm 210mm No £74.421 View
MAS0406021R5 400mm 600mm 210mm Yes £84.753 View
MAS0503021PER5 500mm 300mm 210mm No £63.558 View
MAS0503021R5 500mm 300mm 210mm Yes £70.515 View
MAS0504015PER5 500mm 400mm 155mm No £60.885 View
MAS0504015R5 500mm 400mm 155mm Yes £69.813 View
MAS0504021PER5 500mm 400mm 210mm No £64.557 View
MAS0504021R5 500mm 400mm 210mm Yes £73.485 View
MAS0504026PER5 500mm 400mm 260mm No £80.028 View
MAS0504026R5 500mm 400mm 260mm Yes £88.956 View
MAS0504030PER5 500mm 400mm 300mm No £95.499 View
MAS0504030R5 500mm 400mm 300mm Yes £104.427 View
MAS0505021PER5 500mm 500mm 210mm No £79.272 View
MAS0505021R5 500mm 500mm 210mm Yes £89.928 View
MAS0505030PER5 500mm 500mm 300mm No £105.372 View
MAS0505030R5 500mm 500mm 300mm Yes £116.028 View
MAS0604015PER5 600mm 400mm 155mm No £62.478 View
MAS0604015R5 600mm 400mm 155mm Yes £72.702 View
MAS0604021PER5 600mm 400mm 210mm No £65.511 View
MAS0604021R5 600mm 400mm 210mm Yes £75.735 View
MAS0604026PER5 600mm 400mm 260mm No £89.883 View
MAS0604026R5 600mm 400mm 260mm Yes £99.954 View
MAS0604030PER5 600mm 400mm 300mm No £109.746 View
MAS0604030R5 600mm 400mm 300mm Yes £119.97 View
MAS0605015PER5 600mm 500mm 155mm No £76.698 View
MAS0605015R5 600mm 500mm 155mm Yes £89.019 View
MAS0605021PER5 600mm 500mm 210mm No £80.271 View
MAS0605021R5 600mm 500mm 210mm Yes £92.592 View
MAS0605026PER5 600mm 500mm 260mm No £102.681 View
MAS0605026R5 600mm 500mm 260mm Yes £115.011 View
MAS0605030PER5 600mm 500mm 300mm No £118.854 View
MAS0605030R5 600mm 500mm 300mm Yes £131.364 View
MAS0606021PER5 600mm 600mm 210mm No £84.222 View
MAS0606021R5 600mm 600mm 210mm Yes £100.782 View
MAS0606030PER5 600mm 600mm 300mm No £126.189 View
MAS0606030R5 600mm 600mm 300mm Yes £142.749 View
MAS0606040PER5 600mm 600mm 400mm No £138.06 View
MAS0606040R5 600mm 600mm 400mm Yes £154.71 View
MAS0608030PER5 600mm 800mm 300mm No £154.548 View
MAS0608030R5 600mm 800mm 300mm Yes £177.462 View
MAS0705021PER5 700mm 500mm 210mm No £108.36 View
MAS0705021R5 700mm 500mm 210mm Yes £123.246 View
MAS0705026PER5 700mm 500mm 260mm No £113.499 View
MAS0705026R5 700mm 500mm 260mm Yes £128.385 View
MAS0804030PER5 800mm 400mm 300mm No £129.645 View
MAS0804030R5 800mm 400mm 300mm Yes £146.61 View
MAS0806021PER5 800mm 600mm 210mm No £100.809 View
MAS0806021R5 800mm 600mm 210mm Yes £123.642 View
MAS0806026PER5 800mm 600mm 260mm No £131.841 View
MAS0806026R5 800mm 600mm 260mm Yes £154.674 View
MAS0806030PER5 800mm 600mm 300mm No £145.971 View
MAS0806030R5 800mm 600mm 300mm Yes £168.804 View
MAS0806040PER5 800mm 600mm 400mm No £159.993 View
MAS0806040R5 800mm 600mm 400mm Yes £182.943 View
MAS0808021PER5 800mm 800mm 210mm No £137.322 View
MAS0808021R5 800mm 800mm 210mm Yes £162.981 View
MAS0808030PER5 800mm 800mm 300mm No £165.447 View
MAS0808030R5 800mm 800mm 300mm Yes £191.106 View
MAS0808040PER5 800mm 800mm 400mm No £205.407 View
MAS0808040R5 800mm 800mm 400mm Yes £231.066 View
MAS1006026PER5 1000mm 600mm 260mm No £146.178 View
MAS1006026R5 1000mm 600mm 260mm Yes £174.276 View
MAS1006030PER5 1000mm 600mm 300mm No £161.154 View
MAS1006030R5 1000mm 600mm 300mm Yes £188.838 View
MAS1008026PER5 1000mm 800mm 260mm No £168.912 View
MAS1008026R5 1000mm 800mm 260mm Yes £199.233 View
MAS1008030PER5 1000mm 800mm 300mm No £177.21 View
MAS1008030R5 1000mm 800mm 300mm Yes £207.531 View
MAS1008040PER5 1000mm 800mm 400mm No £242.172 View
MAS1008040R5 1000mm 800mm 400mm Yes £272.493 View
MAS1206030PER5 1200mm 600mm 300mm No £180.45 View
MAS1206030R5 1200mm 600mm 300mm Yes £211.221 View
MAS1208030PER5 1200mm 800mm 300mm No £207.936 View
MAS1208030R5 1200mm 800mm 300mm Yes £242.136 View
MAS1208040PER5 1200mm 800mm 400mm No £285.606 View
MAS1208040R5 1200mm 800mm 400mm Yes £319.806 View