Wago 2002-1311/1000-411
3-Conductor Diode Terminal Block, With Diode 1N4007 Gray - Pack of 100

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Number of Connections: 3
Rated Current: 0.5A
Connection Type: Push-in Cage Clamp
Number of Levels: 1
Number of Circuits: 1
Cable CSA mm2: 4mm2

Technical Information

  • Manufacturer: Wago
  • Colour: Grey
  • Cable CSA mm2: 4mm2
  • Connection Type: Push-in Cage Clamp
  • Rated Current: 0.5A
  • Number of Circuits: 1
  • Number of Levels: 1
  • Number of Connections: 3
  • Pack Quantity: 100

Product Description

Simplify your wiring requirements with the Wago 2002-1311/1000-411, a 3-conductor diode terminal block in an elegant shade of grey. Embedded with a top-notch 1N4007 diode, this product paves the way for seamless electrical connections. Offering aesthetics and function, the streamlined grey shade allows for an organised and modern look to your equipment while keeping it uncomplicated to spot in any setup.

With a robust make, the Wago 3-conductor diode terminal block allows you to create compact yet powerful electrical circuits, making it an ideal addition to any project requiring organised and efficient wiring. Its compact design aids in saving valuable space in crowded environments, thus supporting streamlined and clutter-free installations.

Unwavering in quality, Wago ensures every 3-conductor diode terminal block is meticulously constructed to endure the test of time. It's more than just a tool; it's a testament to reliability and an assurance of long-lasting performance.

Bolster your electrical assembly with the reliable and effective Wago 2002-1311/1000-411, your indispensable partner in achieving quality and reliable connections. It's not just about creating electrical circuits; it's about instilling a sense of certainty with each connection you make.

Think efficiency, think convenience, think Wago. Embark on your next project with confidence, as the Wago 3-conductor diode terminal block forms the backbone of your assembly, paving the way for an organised and dependable setup. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an ambitious beginner, the Wago 2002-1311/1000-411 guides your project to success.

Remember, when you choose Wago, you choose a brand trusted by experts and industry professionals worldwide. As you navigate your electrical needs, let the Wago 3-conductor diode terminal block be your reliable companion, standing firm amidst the complexities of modern wiring requirements. Trust in Wago to light the way.

Part No. 2002-1311/1000-411

Pack of 100


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