Tri Rated Cable - 0.5mm to 16mm 100m Length

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Part No: TRC
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Product Data
Part No.TRC
Part No. Size Colour PriceActions
TRC-0_5-BLACK 0.5mm Black £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-BLUE 0.5mm Blue £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-BROWN 0.5mm Brown £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-DARK_BLUE 0.5mm Dark Blue £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-GREEN 0.5mm Green £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-GREEN_YELLOW 0.5mm Green/Yellow £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-GREY 0.5mm Grey £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-LIGHT_BLUE 0.5mm Light Blue £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-ORANGE 0.5mm Orange £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-PINK 0.5mm Pink £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-RED 0.5mm Red £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-VIOLET 0.5mm Violet £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-WHITE 0.5mm White £7.57 View
TRC-0_5-YELLOW 0.5mm Yellow £7.57 View
TRC-0_75-BLACK 0.75mm Black £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-BLUE 0.75mm Blue £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-BROWN 0.75mm Brown £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-DARK_BLUE 0.75mm Dark Blue £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-GREEN 0.75mm Green £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-GREEN_YELLOW 0.75mm Green/Yellow £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-GREY 0.75mm Grey £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-LIGHT_BLUE 0.75mm Light Blue £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-ORANGE 0.75mm Orange £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-PINK 0.75mm Pink £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-RED 0.75mm Red £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-VIOLET 0.75mm Violet £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-WHITE 0.75mm White £9.69 View
TRC-0_75-YELLOW 0.75mm Yellow £9.69 View
TRC-10_00-BLACK 10.00mm Black £100.26 View
TRC-10_00-BLUE 10.00mm Blue £100.26 View
TRC-10_00-BROWN 10.00mm Brown £100.26 View
TRC-10_00-GREEN_YELLOW 10.00mm Green/Yellow £100.26 View
TRC-10_00-GREY 10.00mm Grey £100.26 View
TRC-10_00-RED 10.00mm Red £100.26 View
TRC-16_00-BLACK 16.00mm Black £156.24 View
TRC-16_00-BLUE 16.00mm Blue £156.24 View
TRC-16_00-BROWN 16.00mm Brown £156.24 View
TRC-16_00-GREEN_YELLOW 16.00mm Green/Yellow £156.24 View
TRC-16_00-GREY 16.00mm Grey £156.24 View
TRC-16_00-RED 16.00mm Red £156.24 View
TRC-1_0-BLACK 1.0mm Black £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-BLUE 1.0mm Blue £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-BROWN 1.0mm Brown £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-DARK_BLUE 1.0mm Dark Blue £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-GREEN 1.0mm Green £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-GREEN_YELLOW 1.0mm Green/Yellow £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-GREY 1.0mm Grey £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-LIGHT_BLUE 1.0mm Light Blue £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-ORANGE 1.0mm Orange £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-PINK 1.0mm Pink £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-RED 1.0mm Red £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-VIOLET 1.0mm Violet £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-WHITE 1.0mm White £12.04 View
TRC-1_0-YELLOW 1.0mm Yellow £12.04 View
TRC-1_5-BLACK 1.5mm Black £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-BLUE 1.5mm Blue £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-BROWN 1.5mm Brown £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-DARK_BLUE 1.5mm Dark Blue £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-GREEN 1.5mm Green £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-GREEN_YELLOW 1.5mm Green/Yellow £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-GREY 1.5mm Grey £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-LIGHT_BLUE 1.5mm Light Blue £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-ORANGE 1.5mm Orange £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-PINK 1.5mm Pink £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-RED 1.5mm Red £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-VIOLET 1.5mm Violet £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-WHITE 1.5mm White £16.03 View
TRC-1_5-YELLOW 1.5mm Yellow £16.03 View
TRC-2_50-BLACK 2.50mm Black £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-BLUE 2.50mm Blue £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-BROWN 2.50mm Brown £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-DARK_BLUE 2.50mm Dark Blue £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-GREEN 2.50mm Green £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-GREEN_YELLOW 2.50mm Green/Yellow £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-GREY 2.50mm Grey £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-LIGHT_BLUE 2.50mm Light Blue £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-ORANGE 2.50mm Orange £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-PINK 2.50mm Pink £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-RED 2.50mm Red £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-VIOLET 2.50mm Violet £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-WHITE 2.50mm White £24.89 View
TRC-2_50-YELLOW 2.50mm Yellow £24.89 View
TRC-4_00-BLACK 4.00mm Black £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-BLUE 4.00mm Blue £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-BROWN 4.00mm Brown £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-DARK_BLUE 4.00mm Dark Blue £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-GREEN 4.00mm Green £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-GREEN_YELLOW 4.00mm Green/Yellow £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-GREY 4.00mm Grey £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-LIGHT_BLUE 4.00mm Light Blue £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-ORANGE 4.00mm Orange £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-PINK 4.00mm Pink £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-RED 4.00mm Red £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-VIOLET 4.00mm Violet £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-WHITE 4.00mm White £39.79 View
TRC-4_00-YELLOW 4.00mm Yellow £39.79 View
TRC-6_00-BLACK 6.00mm Black £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-BLUE 6.00mm Blue £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-BROWN 6.00mm Brown £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-DARK_BLUE 6.00mm Dark Blue £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-GREEN 6.00mm Green £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-GREEN_YELLOW 6.00mm Green/Yellow £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-GREY 6.00mm Grey £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-LIGHT_BLUE 6.00mm Light Blue £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-ORANGE 6.00mm Orange £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-PINK 6.00mm Pink £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-RED 6.00mm Red £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-VIOLET 6.00mm Violet £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-WHITE 6.00mm White £57.96 View
TRC-6_00-YELLOW 6.00mm Yellow £57.96 View