Siemens - 6SL3210-5BE - V20 Variable Speed Drive

As low as £191.68 £159.73
Part No: 6SL3210-5BE

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Part No. Power Filter PriceActions
6SL3210-5BE13-7CV0 0.37kW Yes £172.58
6SL3210-5BE13-7UV0 0.37kW No £159.73
6SL3210-5BE15-5CV0 0.55kW Yes £180.85
6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0 0.55kW No £167.08
6SL3210-5BE17-5CV0 0.75kW Yes £186.35
6SL3210-5BE17-5UV0 0.75kW No £172.58
6SL3210-5BE21-1CV0 1.1kW Yes £200.12
6SL3210-5BE21-1UV0 1.1kW No £186.35
6SL3210-5BE21-5CV0 1.5kW Yes £222.16
6SL3210-5BE21-5UV0 1.5kW No £205.63
6SL3210-5BE22-2CV0 2.2kW Yes £257.04
6SL3210-5BE22-2UV0 2.2kW No £237.76
6SL3210-5BE23-0CV0 3kW Yes £292.84
6SL3210-5BE23-0UV0 3kW No £271.73
6SL3210-5BE24-0CV0 4kW Yes £328.64
6SL3210-5BE24-0UV0 4kW No £303.86
6SL3210-5BE25-5CV0 5.5kW Yes £403
6SL3210-5BE25-5UV0 5.5kW No £372.71
6SL3210-5BE27-5CV0 7.5kW Yes £509.49
6SL3210-5BE27-5UV0 11kW Yes £655.45
6SL3210-5BE31-1UV0 11kW No £605.88
6SL3210-5BE31-5CV0 15kW Yes £797.74
6SL3210-5BE31-5UV0 15kW No £737.15
6SL3210-5BE31-8CV0 22kW Low Overload, 18kW High overload Yes £1052.03
6SL3210-5BE31-8UV0 22kW Low Overload, 18kW High overload No £972.16
6SL3210-5BE32-2CV0 30kW Low Overload, 22kW High overload Yes £1206.25
6SL3210-5BE32-2UV0 30kW Low Overload, 22kW High overload No £1116.29

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Variable Speed Drive

A variable speed drive (VSD) or inverter is a type of controller, which allows an electric motor to alter its RPM to adapt to different circumstances of operation. It does this by varying the amount of input voltage and the frequency at which it is supplied to the electric motor. A VSD can significantly increase the efficiency of an electric motor, giving an application a better performance, longer lifetime and overall cost savings by operating whenever possible at lower speeds.

Siemens Sinamics V20

Siemens Sinamics V20 is a product range of variable speed drives intended to control the running speed of three-phase asynchronous electric motors. The Siemens Sinamics V20 range of variable speed drives is a simple cost-effective drive designed for quick commissioning times. These compact modular units are designed to be installed in a control cabinet or an enclosed electrical operating area.

The Sinamics V20 units are available in a range of six frame sizes, starting with the smallest frame size FSAA at 142mm x 68mm x 145.5mm (HxWxD). The largest frame size FSD measures 206.5mm x 240mm x 172.5mm (HxWxD). Depending upon the frame size selected the Siemens V20 can be selected with multiple fans or no fans fitted for cooling purposes.

Siemens V20 drives can be selected for a three-phase or single-phase voltage and power ratings between 0.12…30kWmaking them ideal for most applications.

Siemens 6SL3210-5BE

Siemens 6SL3210-5BE is a three-phase model and covers a power range between 0.37kW…30kW, the 6SL3210-5BE range comes complete with an integrated line filter as standard. Being a three-phase drive a wide voltage range between 380…480V can be connected to the drive. The Siemens V20 drive maybe cost effective but it is packed with features such as ratings of 150% overload for 60sec.

Simple Installation

Siemens V20 drives are simple to install, especially frame sizes FSAA with just four screws, nuts and washers the drive can be mounted in a panel or other suitable surface. The unit can be made EMC compliant with the addition of a screening plate, which is available as a separate kit.

Quick Commissioning

The Siemens 6SL3210-5BE has an integrated BOP display for commisioning of the drive, in addtion the drive parameters can be loaded from an SD Card. New to the Siemens V20 range is configuration from an app.

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