Siemens - 6SL3210-5BB - V20 Variable Speed Drive

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Part No: 6SL3210-5BB
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Part No. Power Filter PriceActions
6SL3210-5BB11-2BV1 0.12kW Yes £84.456 View
6SL3210-5BB11-2UV1 0.12kW No £77.112 View
6SL3210-5BB12-5BV1 0.25kW Yes £89.964 View
6SL3210-5BB12-5UV1 0.25kW No £81.702 View
6SL3210-5BB13-7BV1 0.37kW Yes £95.472 View
6SL3210-5BB13-7UV1 0.37kW No £87.21 View
6SL3210-5BB15-5BV1 0.55kW Yes £103.734 View
6SL3210-5BB15-5UV1 0.55kW No £95.472 View
6SL3210-5BB17-5BV1 0.75kW Yes £111.078 View
6SL3210-5BB17-5UV1 0.75kW No £103.734 View
6SL3210-5BB21-1AV0 1.1kW Yes £125.766 View
6SL3210-5BB21-1UV0 1.1kW No £115.668 View
6SL3210-5BB21-5AV0 1.5kW Yes £141.372 View
6SL3210-5BB21-5UV0 1.5kW No £131.274 View
6SL3210-5BB22-2AV0 2.2kW Yes £172.584 View
6SL3210-5BB22-2UV0 2.2kW No £158.814 View
6SL3210-5BB23-0AV0 3kW Yes £200.124 View
6SL3210-5BB23-0UV0 3kW No £183.6 View