Siemens 6ES7222-1BH32-0XB0
S7-1200 SM1222 Digital Output Module

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Control Voltage: 24V DC
Digital Outputs: 16

Technical Information

  • Control Voltage: 24V DC
  • Digital Outputs: 16
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Range: S7-1200
  • Weight: 0.2020Kg
  • Pack Quantity: 1

Product Description

Witness the beauty of seamless process automation with the Siemens 6ES7222-1BH32-0XB0 S7-1200 SM1222 Digital Output Module. The choice of forward-thinking organisations around the globe, this module is the heart of Siemens’ S7-1200 automation platform, designed to deliver ultimate reliability and flexibility.

Built with German precision, the S7-1200 SM1222 forms a powerful engine for automation tasks, a compelling testament to Siemens' continued commitment to high-quality engineering and innovation. The module's operational dependability and steadfast performance set it apart, embodying Siemens’ attention to detail and dedication to excellence.

Featuring 8 DO (Digital Output), relay and transistor, this module offers a broad application range and seamless integration with your system. It's capable of driving a diverse set of actuators, from relays to motors and more. The module seamlessly interacts with your system, allowing the rapid execution of automation tasks. Its compact design ensures easy installation within your control cabinet, saving valuable space and reducing setup time.

This output module is designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions, contributing to long-lasting performance and a stable system. It is fundamental in many industries, including manufacturing, processing, logistics, etc. From controlling assembly lines to managing conveyor systems, it stands ready to make your operations smoother and more efficient.

In the world of automation, Siemens remains a trusted name, synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation. The 6ES7222-1BH32-0XB0 S7-1200 SM1222 Digital Output Module is another testament to their unwavering commitment to empowering businesses with superior technology.

Ultimately, the Siemens S7-1200 SM1222 Digital Output Module is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a significant stride in the automation journey, a companion that carries the heavy lifting of your day-to-day operations, enabling your business to reach new heights of efficiency.

Part No. 6ES7222-1BH32-0XB0

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