Siemens - 5SY43 - 3P 10kA MCB

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Part No: 5SY43
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Product Data
Part No.5SY43
Switching Capacity
Part No. Rated Current PriceActions
5SY4301-8 1A £56.763 View
5SY4302-8 2A £56.763 View
5SY4303-8 3A £56.763 View
5SY4304-8 4A £54.5105 View
5SY4305-8 0.5A £56.763 View
5SY4306-8 6A £53.159 View
5SY4308-8 8A £50.0055 View
5SY4310-8 10A £50.0055 View
5SY4313-8 13A £50.0055 View
5SY4315-8 1.6A £56.763 View
5SY4316-8 16A £50.0055 View
5SY4320-8 20A £50.0055 View
5SY4325-8 25A £50.0055 View
5SY4332-8 32A £50.0055 View
5SY4340-8 40A £53.159 View
5SY4350-8 50A £54.5105 View
5SY4363-8 63A £56.763 View