Siemens 5SU1646-6FP06

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Technical Information

  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Number of poles (total):  4
  • Number of protected poles:  4
  • Rated voltage:  400V
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui:  500V
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp:  4kV
  • Rated current:  6A
  • Rated fault current:  0.3A
  • Leakage current type:  A
  • Current limiting class:  3
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity according to EN 61009:  6kA
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity according to IEC 60947-2:  6kA
  • Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn according to EN 61009-1:  6kA
  • Disconnection characteristic:  Undelayed
  • Surge current capacity:  0.25kA
  • Voltage type:  AC
  • Release characteristic:  B
  • Concurrently switching neutral conductor:  true
  • With interlocking device:  true
  • Overvoltage category:  3
  • Pollution degree:  3
  • Width in number of modular spacings:  4
  • Built-in depth:  70mm
  • Suitable for flush-mounted installation:  true
  • Anti-nuisance tripping version:  true
  • Degree of protection (IP):  IP20
  • Connectable conductor cross section solid-core:  Min: 35.0mm2 Max: 35.0mm2
  • Connectable conductor cross section multi-wired:  Min: 35.0mm2 Max: 35.0mm2

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Part No. 5SU1646-6FP06

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