Siemens - 4AM - Transformers

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Part No: 4AM

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Part No. Input Voltage Output Voltage Power Rating PriceActions
4AM3242-1TN01-0EA0 230V AC 24V AC 0.063kVA £45.22
4AM3442-1TN01-0EA0 230V AC 24V AC 0.1kVA £48.66
4AM4042-1TJ11-0FA0 230V AC 110V AC 0.25kVA £87.41
4AM4842-8JJ10-0FA0 400/ 230V AC 110V AC 0.5kVA £146.17
4AM4842-8JN00-0EA0 400/ 230V AC 24V AC 0.5kVA £133.42
4AM5542-4TJ10-0FA0 230V AC 110V AC 0.8kVA £184.43
4AM5542-4TN00-0EA0 230V AC 24V AC 0.8kVA £184.43
4AM5542-8JN00-0EA0 400/ 230V AC 24V AC 0.8kVA £187.37
4AM5742-4TJ10-0FA0 230V AC 110V AC 1kVA £224.65
4AM5742-4TN00-0EA0 230V AC 24V AC 1kVA £224.65
4AM5742-8JN00-0EA0 400/ 230V AC 24V AC 1kVA £226.61

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