Siemens - 3SU1050-1 - Emergency Stop Button

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Part No: 3SU1050-1

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Part No. Switching Type PriceActions
3SU1050-1BA20-0AA0 Latching, Pull to Unlatch, 40mm Diameter Mushroom £10.77
3SU1050-1BD10-0AA0 Momentary, 40mm Dia £6.42
3SU1050-1GB20-0AA0 Latching, Rotate to Unlatch, 33.4mm Dia £11.73
3SU1050-1HA20-0AA0 Latching, Pull to Unlatch, 40mm Dia £11.68
3SU1050-1HB20-0AA0 Latching, Rotate to Unlatch, 40mm Dia £11.68
3SU1050-1HF20-0AA0 Latching, RONIS SB30 Lock £24.58
3SU1050-1HR20-0AA0 Latching, CES SSG10 Lock £39.03

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