Siemens - 3RW30 - Softstarts

As low as £110.87 £92.39
Part No: 3RW30

Reset Options

Part No. Rated Current Control Voltage PriceActions
3RW3013-1BB04 3.6A 24V AC/DC £92.39
3RW3013-1BB14 3.6A 110...230V AC/DC £92.39
3RW3014-1BB04 6.5A 24V AC/DC £104.21
3RW3014-1BB14 6.5A 110...230V AC/DC £104.21
3RW3016-1BB04 9A 24V AC/DC £115.3
3RW3016-1BB14 9A 110...230V AC/DC £115.3
3RW3017-1BB04 12.5A 24V AC/DC £130.08
3RW3017-1BB14 12.5A 110...230V AC/DC £130.08
3RW3018-1BB04 17.6A 24V AC/DC £148.55
3RW3018-1BB14 17.6A 110...230V AC/DC £148.55
3RW3026-1BB04 25A 24V AC/DC £173.68
3RW3026-1BB14 25A 110...230V AC/DC £173.68
3RW3027-1BB04 32A 24V AC/DC £201.77
3RW3027-1BB14 32A 110...230V AC/DC £201.77
3RW3028-1BB04 38A 24V AC/DC £249.81
3RW3028-1BB14 38A 110...230V AC/DC £249.81
3RW3036-1BB04 45A 24V AC/DC £307.46
3RW3036-1BB14 45A 110...230V AC/DC £307.46
3RW3037-1BB04 63A 24V AC/DC £373.98
3RW3037-1BB14 63A 110...230V AC/DC £373.98
3RW3038-1BB04 72A 24V AC/DC £442.71
3RW3038-1BB14 72A 110...230V AC/DC £442.71
3RW3046-1BB04 80A 24V AC/DC £509.23
3RW3046-1BB14 80A 110...230V AC/DC £509.23
3RW3047-1BB04 106A 24V AC/DC £568.35
3RW3047-1BB14 106A 110...230V AC/DC £568.35

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