Siemens - 3RT1064-6AP36 - Contactor

£535.75 £446.46
Power: 110kW
Size: S10
Current Rating AC3: 225A
Range: Sirius
Part No: 3RT1064-6AP36

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No. of Poles3P
Control Voltage23...26V AC/DC
Current Rating AC3225A
Current Rating AC1275A
Commodity Code85364900

Sirius 3RT Power Contactors

The Siemens Sirius 3RT range of power contactors are designed for switching motors up to 250KW. Siemens contactors are available in sizes S00 to S12 with each size containing a different power range; the different sizes can also be connected to other Siemens products of the same size such as motor protection circuit breakers and overload relays. There are multiple control voltages available in the 3RT range; 20…33V AC/DC, 110V AC 50/60Hz and 230V AC 50/60Hz as well as some DC units that can be connected directly to a PLC.

Size S00: 3RT201 up to 7.7kW
Size S0: 3RT202 up to 18.5kW
Size S2: 3RT203 up to 37kW
Size S3: 3RT204 up to 55kW
Sizes S6 to S120: 3RT10 up to 250kW

In size range S00 to S12, additional options include not only the 3-pole standard, but also several different 4-pole power relays, coupling relays to optimise the interface with the controller outputs, and vacuum contactors and miniature models for the performance range up to 4 kW.

Special safety contactors are also available in the 3RT range for safety-related applications. These SUVA certified contactors have NC contacts that function with mirror contacts, auxiliary NC contacts that cannot be closed at the same time as NO main contacts. The auxiliary contacts cannot be removed nor can the contactor be operated manually. Siemens Sirius 3RT Contactors are thus in compliance with all necessary safety regulations.

Siemens 3RT106

Siemens 3RT106 contactors are a size S10 contactor with power ratings between 110kW to 160kW. The contactors in the S10 range are all three-pole contactors with control voltages of 23…26V AC/DC 50/60Hz, 110…127V 50/60Hz and 220…240V 50/60Hz in addition to the PLC controlled version.

3RT106 contactors come with two normally closed and 2NO and 2NC auxiliary contacts. The 3RT106 contactors listed on Rowse Automation are all screw type terminals although spring-type terminals are also available. The S10 contactors also have withdrawable coils allowing for replacement and repair along with main contacts within the contactor.

Siemens 3RT106 contactors are widely used throughout industry for robust, reliable switching in a variety of applications; pumping stations, quarries, food production areas and HVAC to name a few.

Motor Protection

Siemens contactors can be used in conjunction with other Siemens products to provide complete motor protection. For protection against overload, the Siemens 3RB2 electronic overload relays can be fitted to the 3RT106 contactors. For short circuit protection, the 3RT106 can be combined with fuses or MCBs.


Siemens contactors conform to all relevant industry standards and have been developed and tested for worldwide use. 3RT contactors have a temperature rating during operation of -25…+60 Degrees.

  • IEC 60947-1
  • EN 60947-1
  • IEC 60947-4-1
  • EN 60947-4-1
  • IEC 60947-5-1
  • EN 60947-5-1 (Auxiliary Switches)

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