Siemens - 3RA6250 - Reversing Starter

As low as £275.29 £229.41
Part No: 3RA6250

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Part No. Power Control Voltage PriceActions
3RA6250-1AB32 0.09kW 24V AC/DC £229.41
3RA6250-1AP32 0.09kW 110...240V AC/DC £229.41
3RA6250-1BB32 0.37kW 24V AC/DC £232.35
3RA6250-1BP32 0.37kW 110...240V AC/DC £232.35
3RA6250-1CB32 1.5kW 24V AC/DC £247.06
3RA6250-1CP32 1.5kW 110...240V AC/DC £247.06
3RA6250-1DB32 5.5kW 24V AC/DC £273.53
3RA6250-1DP32 5.5kW 110...240V AC/DC £273.53
3RA6250-1EB32 15kW 24V AC/DC £353.68
3RA6250-1EP32 15kW 110...240V AC/DC £353.68

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