Siemens 3KD5042-0QE10-0
Switch Disconnector

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Technical Information

  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • Version as main switch:  true
  • Version as maintenance-/service switch:  true
  • Version as safety switch:  true
  • Version as emergency stop installation:  false
  • Version as reversing switch:  false
  • Number of switches:  1
  • Max. rated operation voltage Ue AC:  1000V
  • Rated permanent current Iu:  800A
  • Rated permanent current at AC-23, 400 V:  1000A
  • Rated permanent current at AC-21, 400 V:  1000A
  • Rated short-time withstand current lcw:  30kA
  • Rated operation power at AC-23, 400 V:  560kW
  • Switching power at 400 V:  400kW
  • Number of poles:  4
  • Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact:  8
  • Number of auxiliary contacts as normally open contact:  8
  • Number of auxiliary contacts as change-over contact:  0
  • Motor drive optional:  false
  • Motor drive integrated:  false
  • Voltage release optional:  false
  • Device construction:  Built-in device fixed built-in technique
  • Suitable for floor mounting:  true
  • Suitable for front mounting 4-hole:  false
  • Suitable for front mounting centre:  false
  • Colour control element:  Grey
  • Type of control element:  Long turning handle
  • Interlockable:  true
  • Type of electrical connection of main circuit:  Flat plug-in connection
  • Degree of protection (IP), front side:  IP00
  • Degree of protection (NEMA):  Other

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Part No. 3KD5042-0QE10-0

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